"Choose an alias that's edgy," growled the seasoned online warrior. "You know, something a bit dark, a bit ambiguous. A bit.... ominous." Instructions unclear. Did I do this right?

Use eps with gnosis safe

Set up your gnosis safe to use eps

Share the Love

Sharing the NFT love. It's nearly Valentine's day, after all.

Kaizen, and the art of seatbelt design...

You can now setup EPS with a SINGLE API token transfer.

Oh metamask....

Bumps in the road and silver linings...

Proxtober Draw Details!

Proxtober is over! It's time for the prize draw.

Draw -> Win?

Draw your way to 150 USDT

Use a headless protocol

Use the safest crypto app in the world. The one you never connect to...

Tales from the Crypto

Calling all writers. We are running a twitter flash fiction competition in the month of Proxtober. Win $150 plus your story published.

Proxtober! Be in to win

Be in to win 1 ETH with EPS this October.

Your Gas Back!!

Received some ETH from eternalproxy.eth? Here's why :)