What is EPS?

What is EPS?

The Eternal Proxy Service (EPS) is a trustless, decentralized protocol for the mapping of hot, cold and delivery addresses.

What can I use it for?

Ethereum users can create a mapping between a hot wallet and a cold wallet. Where EPS is supported, this allows the user to interact using their hot wallet while receiving the full benefits associated with their cold wallet holding.

For example, you may want access to a gated discord community that requires you to hold a Bored Ape. You don't want to sign messages with the wallet that holds the Bored Ape. With EPS you map a low value hot wallet to the cold wallet that holds the Bored Ape. You can now sign in to discord with the hot wallet, as EPS will trustlessly confirm that you have rights to assets at the cold wallet address.

Sample EPS flow

In addition, you can set a delivery address on the EPS register. This allows you to select that new assets should be delivered to this address, where EPS is supported. For example, you are participating in an exclusive mint for holders of doodles. Your hot wallet has just a small amount of ETH in it, and it points to your cold wallet which holds your doodle. You also have your delivery address set to your cold wallet.

You sign the mint with your hot wallet, meaning your doodle is never exposed to risk. And the new asset is delivered directly to your cold wallet. There is no need to shuffle assets from hot wallets to cold, they arrive directly in your cold wallet with no additional hassle or cost.

Fully on-chain, totally trustless

EPS is 100% on  chain. All mappings between hot, cold and delivery addresses are created directly by holders of those wallets.

There is no centralized trusted third party.

It cannot be shut down.

Headless Protocol

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EPS register entries can be added using the world's first headless protocol. You never need connect your wallet to an app to add or maintain your register entry.

The most trusted app possible is the one you never have to use.

For full details see our article on the EPS headless protocol.

Stay safe out there.